Hello and welcome to Books and Beyond Reviews! Thanks for stopping by. And if you’re a regular here, thanks for coming back!

I started out with a previous incarnation of this site way back in April 2015. It was somewhere for me to share my thoughts and reviews on books sat on my bookshelf. Since then, things have evolved. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of authors and publishers, from small independents to larger names in the book world. I’ve also grown the range of features that you can enjoy here on Books and Beyond Reviews. Read on to find out what these are!

Book Reviews: These are my bread and butter. I aim to review every book I read. Good or bad, I try to make my reviews informative and constructive. I’ll never tear down a book unfairly, but rather give my reasoning why I liked or disliked any given book. My reviews are very much my opinion.

Friday Face-Offs: These are a fun theme that I take part in every week. Each Friday, there is a new theme. For each theme I find a series of book covers that fit the bill and then compare them to choose my favourite. It’s very much a game of judging books by their covers!

An Interview With…: Here I take a moment to sit down and get to know some of the authors featured in my book reviews. I probe them about their craft and their books. I also have a little fun with them, asking some left-field questions to really get to know the people behind the books.

Guest Post: From time to time I’ll welcome guest contributors to Books and Beyond Reviews. As long as it’s about books in some way or other, it’s a chance for them to tell us their perspective on an aspect of books and writing that they are passionate about.

You’ll find these features on the blog, which I really hope you’ll enjoy. If you want to submit your own book for review, please check my Review Policy to ensure your book matches my reading interests, then fill out the Contact Form and be sure to include the blurb. And if you have any ideas for new bookish features that you think might interest me, use the contact form to let me know!