Books and Beyond Review Policy

What does Books and Beyond review?

For the most part, I am avid book reader. I will try a wide range of books, but please keep in mind my list of no-go genres when requesting a review as these will not be accepted.

The following is a list of considered genres is a starting point:

Science fiction
Historical fiction

This isn’t an exclusive list, but should give an idea of the kind of things I tend to read by choice.

Genres not accepted at Books and Beyond Reviews include:

Romance/Erotic fiction
Self-help, Improvement or Business building

How does Books and Beyond rate and score books?

I know that everybody is different, it’s what is great about being human. We all have our own interests. With that in mind, the way I review books is purely my own, honest opinion. I don’t receive payment or incentive for my ratings, and nor would I ever seek any. These are my honest thoughts on the books I am reviewing. I often receive books for free from both authors and publishers, but this is in no way an incentive to review positively.

I am using a simplified rating system to make things clearer as to my overall feelings towards a book.

“Good read” is a book that would have scored a 4 or 5 star rating on a star system.

“Okay Book” would have scored a 3 star rating.

“Not for me” is a book that would have scored 1 or 2 stars.

All of my review ratings are based on my opinion, so when I rate a book as good book, okay book or not for me, this is entirely my view based on my book preferences. It is only intended as a guide as to my feeling towards a book, and the review itself giving more detail as to why I felt one way or the other about a book.

How do I request a review?

If you wish to recommend a book for me to try and then review, or if you are an author, publisher or producer that wishes to have their work reviewed on Books and Beyond, please head to the Contact Us page.

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