Welcome to L-Space!

Have you ever walked down the street, and spotted a dusty, dark, small bookshop? Yes? And have you ever walked inside, started walking down the aisle, around the corner, down another aisle, before becoming lost in its’ sheer enormity? Common sense and the basic principles of physics kick in to tell us there is no possible way the shop can be as large on the outside as it is on the inside. Well that, friends, is L-Space.

Terry Pratchett gave us the principle of L-Space, or Library Space. This concept states that all libraries and bookshops are linked across the multiverse. They all take on the appearance of the place you first entered so you won’t truly know you are moving between places, though! Basically, “a good book shop is just a genteel black hole that knows how to read”.

Now you know what L-Space is, welcome to L-Space Books!
libraryI love to read, and I love to talk to and share with others my thoughts on books, so that’s why I created this blog. I’ll enjoy a good book, sit down, and share my thoughts with you all on it, and engage in discussion. You can even recommend me books to read and review, and help make my blog more interactive over time.

So click that little follow button over there, up a bit, a little to the left, yep – that one on the side bar! That way you can keep up to date with my thoughts. I also have a Facebook page where you can engage with me and send me your book requests, and keep the discussion going.

Right, time for me to head back to my book – The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, in case you wondered.

Happy reading!

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