New Beginnings

I have been a little quiet on here recently, I blame responsibilities for getting in the way of my book reading! Anyway, in the meantime I got to thinking that as this blog has grown over the time L-Space Books has been up and running. But now it’s time for a little change.

So I have spent the last couple of days giving the blog a bit of an overhaul. You may have noticed a slightly new look to the blog, alongside a shiny new name – Books and Beyond Reviews. L-Space Books was inspired by the concept of L-Space from Sir Terry Pratchett. You can find more of a description in the first ever post on the blog. But I didn’t think the blog name worked, especially with my intention to move on to books beyond the Discworld series.

So please say goodbye to L-Space Books, and hello to Books and Beyond Reviews. With this in mind, the Facebook page has been rebranded, and has a new address. I have headed out into new social media realms with this rebrand, and there’s a nice new Twitter account and an Instagram page. You’ll be able to access all three with the new social media icons up at the top of the blog homepage! And finally, you can get in touch with me on email –

I hope you’ll all stick around, as I hope for Books and Beyond to grow with all of you along for the ride!

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