Broken Branches by M. Jonathan Lee

‘Family curses don’t exist. Sure, some families seem to suffer more pain than others, but a curse? An actual curse? I don’t think so.’

A family tragedy was the catalyst for Ian Perkins to return to the isolated cottage with his wife and young son. But now they are back, it seems yet more grief might befall the family.

There is still time to act, but that means Ian must face the uncomfortable truth about his past. And in doing so, he must uncover the truth behind the supposed family curse.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Broken Branches is the first book from a new start-up publisher in the UK, Hideaway Fall. As an aside from the book, I have to say that the publisher have done a fantastic job of getting their name out there. Not only did they approach reviewers like myself to review the book, but they also sent out a series of assorted goodies that loosely tie in to their name and logo. A brilliant effort on their part there!
15780940_1383406025003743_6187096019880036073_nNow, on to the book – Broken Branches. Ian Perkins is sat watching his marriage crumble around him, as his once-vibrant wife withdraws and becomes more and more distant. She sleeps in a spare room, behind lock and key, and barely says a single word to Ian if and when their paths cross.

Having grown up with the story of the family curse leading to an early grave for members of the Perkins family, Ian is certain the curse is to blame for his the strange behaviour in his wife. Having all-but given up on trying to talk to Rachel, Ian absorbs himself in researching the family history between the bright moments in his day when his young son Harry is around.

Strange things begin to occur around the house, adding to Ian’s certainty in the existence of said curse. His obsession becomes all consuming and taking over every waking moment, and the sleeping ones too. A showdown conversation with Rachel forces Ian to confront a tragedy in their recent past and come to terms with their issues.

Broken Branches is a little different to the usual psychological thriller I am used to. A history of tragedies build to a crescendo by the end of the book that lend a dark feel to the story. The unravelling of the family history, and the final revelation make for a refreshing new look on psychological thrillers.

My rating

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