Cranberry Lane by Lauren Lee

Circumstance brought them together, fate will bond them forever.

Wayne Jacobs, a dedicated family man, makes his living murdering cheating spouses, out-of-control gamblers, and common wrongdoers. He’s a hitman with a perfect record—one he intends to keep.

Serenity Harris, a vivacious nineteen-year-old, deals drugs in between her shifts at the local record store. She’s a rebellious outcast with pink hair and an unforgettable attitude.

What do they have in common besides a life of crime? Both Wayne and Serenity grew up in the slums of Cranberry Lane.

When their paths randomly cross at a local dive bar, the attraction is instant. The couple’s lives quickly become intertwined, infatuation blinding them to the dangers lurking in the shadows.

Unexpectedly, Wayne and Serenity find themselves in over their heads with entities far more dangerous than could be imagined.

With their lives at stake, can they beat the odds? Or, will they succumb to the hand they were dealt and die, only to be known as former residents of Cranberry Lane?

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Cranberry Lane is not a place of hopes and dreams. People on the lane don’t expect to make a success of themselves, but do what they have to just to get by. It’s a place that many wouldn’t know existed, or if they did, they’d do their level best to avoid it at all costs. Those who cannot escape, much like Serenity do what they can to get by. A street smart girl, she’ll push drugs all night long to make as much money as she can in a desperate bid to break free. Some managed to escape, like Wayne. As soon as he was old enough he fled Cranberry Lane with guardianship for his younger brother Sammy, escaping alcoholic parents. Though he finds he cannot truly leave, Cranberry Lane draws him back through his role as a hitman.

Cranberry Lane by Lauren Lee

The novel follows these two protagonists as they attempt to navigate their lives and put more distance between themselves and Cranberry Lane until a fateful moment sees their paths cross irreversibly. The two find their paths intertwined taking them down a dangerous and deadly route in their respective bids to make a life beyond the dark street.

Cranberry Lane is written in a style I don’t see too often. The narrative follows Wayne and Serenity with alternating chapters moving between the two. I enjoyed the way we get to unravel the two storylines in parallel and then how they weave together, delivering a brilliant whole from the two strands. We get to live their respective ups and downs, trials and tribulations thanks to this brilliant style.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cranberry Lane. I found it to be wonderfully paced and easy to read. The core characters were vibrant and interesting, the locations dark and grimy. Even throughout the happier moments there was a dark atmosphere lingering throughout the book. I’d love to discover further crime thrillers with the inherent vibe that Lauren Lee has injected throughout.

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