Phyllo Cane and the Circus of Wonder by Sharn W. Hutton

Magic awaits, if you dare to believe.

When Phyllo accidentally burns down the big top he can forget his dream of being a magical confectioner. It’s the Circuit for him instead.

Now he must face a daunting string of magical apprenticeships, his first with the Fabulous Volante: the gravity-defying flyers of the high trapeze.

Training is knee-trembling and mind-bogglingly dangerous but when Phyllo is found at the heart of yet another disaster, he realises it’s not just his nerves that are holding him back.

Other acts crumble.

Masked men stalk the cast.

Something dark and evil conspires against them all and, Phyllo discovers, if the Circus of Wonder is to survive, they must solve the problems of the past… or lose the magic forever.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Phyllo Cane is part of a family of confectioners at the Circus of Wonder. He spends every moment he can working on perfecting a recipe for marshmallow, something filled with happiness and joy. But time is running short for him. His brother Roly is already showing great talent. If Phyllo fails, well who knows what might happen.

Phyllo Cane and the Circus of Wonder by Sharn W. Hutton

In something of a daze, Phyllo loses track of himself while cooking up his latest batch. A calamitous series of events sees him destroy the small kitchen in the family hut, and nearly burning down the entire big top. His lack of confectioners talent draws the eye of the ringmaster. He gets sent out on the circuit – a series of short trials with other acts to see if he has any talents of worth to the circus. Should he fail, he will find himself cast out. And finding yourself without a circus to call home in the magical world is a dangerous place to be.

Finding himself placed with a high-flying family of trapeze artists, Phyllo is forced to confront his fears. With support, encouragement and a little bit of magic, it seems he might have found his calling. That is, until, another disaster that seemingly centres upon him, befalls the troupe. It’s a race against time for PHyllo to uncover what exactly is going on and put a stop to it before anything worse can happen.

This story, though aimed at middle-grade children is captivating and magical, no matter your age. The magic of the circus ripples throughout the story, as is the ever-present threat from darker forces. It’s easy to become wrapped up in the magic that flows freely inside the big top, adding to the awe and mystery of the incredible acts on display. I was hooked with the story and the characters from the outset and found myself wanting to read a little more and a little more until I had finished. I hope that there are future outings from Phyllo Cane and the Circus of Wonder, as there is definite potential for more adventures.

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