Royal Wedding in Vegas by Paul Mathews

After a whirlwind romance that went straight from attraction to engagement without all that messy dating business in between, Princess Araminta of Essex and her fiancé Lennon are defying protocol and getting hitched in Vegas. Schoolteacher, goldfish lover and reformed accidental kidnapper George Nearly is also along for the royal-wedding ride. That’s because he’s the best man – the first time anyone’s ever called him that.

But the secret wedding plans soon start to go awry, as news of the big event leaks to the media, things and people start disappearing, and an unexpected visitor turns up to add to the marital mayhem.

Will the happy couple make it to the chapel on time? Will George buckle under the best-man pressure? Can what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas … or will the paparazzi spoil the party? Find out, in the latest hilarious instalment of Paul Mathews’ Royally Funny books series.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Royal Wedding in Vegas marks the third book in the Royally Funny series. Following the comedic events of the previous instalment, where Princess Araminta, her accidental kidnapper George Nearly and now-fiancé Lennon derail her sister’s wedding, things have taken a trip stateside for a top-secret royal wedding in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas.

Royal Wedding in Vegas by Paul Mathews

The location is known only to the bride in an effort to keep the paparazzi from the event. Unusually for a royal wedding, it’s a small affair, out of the public eye. Nobody would ever think a party princess would wed her beloved in Vegas. And as best man, would it be too much to ask for everything to go swimmingly for our hapless lead, George?

Yes, as it happens. When a custom-made suit for the groom doesn’t make the trip, George is left with the task of finding a suitable replacement. But things could be worse. Then his first-ever mobile phone rings. His mother. Apparently, his Dad has gone AWOL. A call to him reveals he has had enough living under his wife’s thumb, and he has decided to leave her, taking off on a jolly around Europe. First stop, Paris. Then, later, the famed canals of Venice. A chance encounter reveals it to actually be a trip to Vegas.

Tasked with escorting a drunk bridesmaid from the airport, retrieving the groom from a magic trick gone wrong and ensuring no paparazzi get wind of the wedding, George has his work cut out for him. Things begin to unravel as the big day approaches, with everything resting on George’s shoulders to unpick the messes and avoid incarceration along the way.

This third instalment in the Royally Funny series is filled with hilarious, ridiculous situations, dramatic disasters, and ridiculous scenarios that make for an amusing read. By now, the characters are familiar, and the story is almost expected while being new. It’s a wonderful read that, if anything, leads to more potential outings for George Nearly and his friends. I look forward to seeing where the series goes next.

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