The Blood of our Sisters by Abby Rose Crimson

A struggling journalist begins her investigation into the vigilante justice movement known as Perfect World Order — after she secures an exclusive interview with fugitive Hannah McNamara, the leader of the group behind it: The House of Hellcats.

Have you ever visited someone’s house? Probably. Have you ever visited someone’s house only to be welcomed with a shotgun in your face? Probably not. Courage is hard, and when five women became courageous, they met fear. Fear wasn’t very nice. Fear changed them. What will they do? Not what you expect.

This thrilling and innovative book features a robust layout for an ultra-comprehensive reading experience. And it features the Colors of Feelings, which accurately visualize how characters are feeling with beautiful and color-coated text.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

It is worth noting upfront that this book won’t work on a black and white eReader. You will need one of the Kindle Fire tablets, or a reading app on any other tablet, mobile or computer. That’s because of the unique feature of The Blood of Our Sisters. The text is displayed in a variety of different colours, each representing a different emotion displayed by the characters throughout the story, with a handy key at the start of the book highlighting each one.



This cuts out a lot of descriptive narrative to some degree, the colours describing the feelings in place of it. It certainly made for an interesting read with a different element to proceedings. I did have one criticism, albeit slight; given the key to the colours and the emotions was presented ahead of the story, I did from time to time find myself hopping back and forth to remind myself what emotion matched with what colour. Especially in the scenarios whereby two similar colours show different feelings. That said, I feel with this clearly being the first book in a planned series, that regular readers will become accustomed to the colour/emotion combinations.

The story is entertaining, even if it jumps around between different threads a little bit. While I cannot say if it would remain so throughout the series, the use of colours to depict emotions is interesting, an entertaining twist making for an overall pretty good read.

My rating:

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