Infinity by Tabitha Lord

In the second installment of the award-winning Horizon series, Dr. Caeli Crys returns to her war-torn world to fight for those she left behind.

Almagest, Caeli’s home, stands on the brink of revolution. Long hidden from the rest of the galaxy, the once-peaceful planet suffers under a regime that grows more violent and oppressive by the day. Marcus, Almagest’s dictator, is building an arsenal of alien weaponry by selling empathic children into slavery. A resistance has risen, but they are outmanned, outgunned, and in hiding.

Joined by Commander Derek Markham and his elite squadron of operatives, Caeli embarks on a dangerous mission to find the Resistance, rescue her captive people, and save her civilization from destruction.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Having just finished the first book in this series, I was more than happy to dive straight into book two – Infinity. It picks up where Horizon left off. Things are really going south on the once-reclusive planet of Almagest. Power crazed dictator Marcus is keen to open up the planet to galactic trade in a bid to build his stockpile of weapons and work on his prototype air force. All the while, he trades off Novali children – empathic children with a host of potentially devastating skills, to any rogue or villain with the goods he needs.

Infinity by Tabitha Lord

Having fled the planet following her chance meeting with Commander Derek Markham, Dr Caeli Crys has worked hard to rebuild her life, first aboard the Alliance spacecraft Horizon as a medic. Then later, she moves in with Derek’s parents while he sees out his tour of duty. Then a case comes up – the sale of an empathic girl that can heal. Most troublingly, that she is being touted as able to kill as well. A mission to disrupt the illicit auction sees a wider plan enacted to attempt to overthrow Marcus and reclaim Almagest for its people.

Infinity builds on the characters and plots set out in Horizon, driving them further and expanding on the universe the stories are set within. Things are poised nicely for the third book in the series to continue the story as there is still clearly more to learn about Caeli and Derek, and the planet of Almagest.

As with Horizon, Infinity is written from dual perspectives – those of Caeli and Derek. It allows thoughts, views and feelings to once again be viewed from different perspectives as they both play differing roles in the story as it unfolds. Once again this is a wonderful sci-fi story without overdoing it. Tabitha Lord also goes into the back history of Almagest in this outing. We learn about the power of the planet, and how the empathic Novali came to be. It also gives insight into the rifts that occurred, the beginnings of a divide between the ruling powers.

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