Spirral by David D. Bernstein

In this second book of The Cort Chronicles, Andy, John, Wendy, and Zack go on a quest to save their world from a powerful Corporation named CORT. This company controls the lives of almost everyone, yet a spark of hope still lays hidden underground with the Resistance. Then, from deep in the woods comes a new evil, named Spirral. If CORT is successful in finishing this project, human life as we know it will be over. Our heroes must find Spirral’s heart and destroy it. Will good prevail over evil or vice versa

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Spirral is the second book in the Cort Chronicles series, and follows on from the events seen in The Portal. We continue the adventures of two brothers transported to a different time and place in the universe, a place where hostile technology has taken over and enslaved much of humanity. A rebelious core has risen up, the final hope of humanity, with the soul aim of overthrowing the robot overlords.

Spirral by David D. Bernstein

This second outing sees brothers Zack and Andy team up with a group of young rebels. They set out on a mission to take down the nefarious CORT organisation. Along the way the party discover skills hidden within them, and knowledge that will only serve to help them in their mission. There’s definitely a feel of a sci-fi or fantasy epic in places with the range of locales visited and characters met. Especially given this is a longer tale than the first.

Sadly it didn’t manage to stand up to the test for me. I know the target audience is a younger, more YA-type reader but I’d say this book would be better suited to a younger bracket still. The dialogue between characters felt overly simplistic and very unemotional. Given some of the events in the book, it struck me as odd how the characters remained calm to the point of being devoid of emotion. No fear, excitement, rage, terror, joy. Just a clinical sense of purpose. The points where the book felt like it had the makings of an epic were harshly undone by the brevity of the book. It’s probably an entertaining read for younger readers, but it was too simplistic for me.

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