Phyllo Cane and the Magical Menagerie

Magically magnificent, fantastic and ferocious
at least, that’s what you’d expect of a fire-breathing dragon.

But what if yours won’t come out of its pen to perform? What if the Ringmaster thinks it’s worth more in the apothecary chop-shop than as part of the troupe?

The Beast Whisperer of the Circus of Wonder must bring her beloved dragon back up to its performing peak fast, if she’s to save it, and she thinks she knows what to do.

The unhappy creature needs a mate, but the male sand dragon is a rare beast indeed, and she’ll never be able to catch one alone.

Time for Phyllo to become the Beast Whisperer’s apprentice…

Join Phyllo on his next apprenticeship with the Circus of Wonder – a brand new adventure with the fantastic beasts of the Magical Menagerie and a race against time to save their lonely dragon from destruction.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

I could not have been more excited about the release of this book! It picks up where the fantastic first book, Phyllo Cane and the Circus of Wonder, leaves off. Beleaguered apprentice Phyllo Cane, having failed as a confectioner and only experiencing moderate at best success as part of the aerobatics troupe The Flying Volante finds himself setting out on yet another apprenticeship to find his calling within the Circus of Wonder.

Phyllo Cane and the Magical Menagerie

Setting out on his latest venture, Phyllo joins the circus’ magical menagerie, headed by the ethereal and mystical Tamer Venor and the cold, closed-off Panya. Quickly he learns that not only is he in competition with Panya for a place in the circus but that he must get to grips with animals far more troublesome or dangerous than the entertaining monkeys or cheeky butterphants. He’ll search for a male dragon to partner with the menagerie’s lonesome female.

Things feel the same and different in this second outing for Phyllo Cane. The similarities lend an air of comfort, like a cosy pair of slippers. But things have also changed, taking a somewhat more serious note. Phyllo shows growth, an element of maturing throughout the course of the book.

Having loved the first book in the series, I’ve been looking forward to the second for quite some time. And my expectations were thoroughly met. It had enough about it to feel like a triumphant return. And yet it matured enough to keep the expectations for the series high for its future.

My rating:

Image depicting a book with a cup of coffee and a 5 star rating

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