Refracture by Damon Lee Carter

“Who. The. F*@k. Are. You?”

Ghost has different faces for different places.

Fighter. Lover. Superhero. Con artist. Outlaw. Actor. Supervillain. Bandit. Anarchist. Fake.

Moving from US state to state, his characters are becoming immortalised across social media following a series of bizarre, dangerous and volatile incidents. This captures the eye of a depressed Laura, who follows the breadcrumb trail of this erratic enigma, with only a distinctive tattoo helping her connect the dots.

As she and others get closer to peeling back the layers of Ghost’s many masks, are they ready to open the Pandora’s Box that awaits them?

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

I had the fortune of being involved in the proofreading of this book. Refracture is a well-written, fast-paced novel with a fantastic story at its core. A mysterious man, known only as Ghost, starts appearing in cities across the United States. He seems to be reenacting iconic scenes from classic movies without rhyme or reason.

Picture of book cover for Refracture by Damon Lee Carter over a background of a movie theatre
Refracture by Damon Lee Carter

In no time Ghost becomes a viral sensation, all over the internet and social media. People are trying to uncover the man behind the enigma. Who is he? And why is he acting out scenes from iconic movies? Some think he’s an eccentric, while others wonder if there is something deeper going on. But nobody knows who the man behind the mystery really is.

Refracture is comfortably one of my top reads this year. The character of Ghost is an enigma, which in its own right makes him a captivating individual. This led to “one more chapter” disease – I constantly wanted to know more. For a movie buff such as myself, the nods and references to some great films were enough to hold my interest. But the story has a wonderful pace to it, driving you further down the rabbit hole.

Throughout the course of this book, Carter has created a character that is mysterious, yet complex. The twists really add depth to an already engaging story leading to yet more questions. I ploughed through it in a matter of days, a testament to how quickly it gripped me by the shirt lapels and dragged me along with it for a wild ride.

My rating:

5 star rating with image of books and coffee

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